I'm someone that deals with mind control

you can click on nanotech in the blood and see a few swimming in the plasma of my blood along with the red blood cells. they are hard to see and are translucent.

Aliens tend to want too make them selves out as other things. They want to mimic or imitate other people but they are not people but Aliens that don't mimic truly like people think like. I don't understand what they want from me. They do things to me like alter my blood pressure to the brain and effect my brain functioning to the point mind control. I try to keep my mind in a calmer state where I don't blow up with them in my head. They like to try too trigger aggression with pain and brain chemistry with nanotechnology that I have in my blood stream that's been inhaled over time. They can now control how I think and my brain waves. I don't know what they plan of me in what to do with me. I try to tell them I'm useless to them. I have nothing what they need . I can't teach them anything. I can't do a damn thing for them to get anywhere to exceed in anything in learning this area or people. So they can go now. But they still don't need to be hear with me. I don't want them to mind control me to hurt anyone so I don't know what to do with my self if they do mind control me to hurt someone. I don't hold any anger towards anyone at home or with my mom. I'm learning to deal with my sister in how she is and the rest of the family. I can't think of any triggers that would push me to hurt anyone. Nothing I can think of that would push me. Other than the Voices I hear in my head I hate so dearly. For all the pain and sufferring I have had to endure for a very long time while they been with me. As they try to understand me for who I am and I still tell them the same thing I don't have what you want. I don't know what to prevent what ever excuse they may have to do something with me. I don't know whats keeping me alive right now other than me telling them they don't need to do this. I don't see any use in hurting me, I find this pain you in flicked illogical as it serves nothing in what they can understand about humans, I do not like the pain as and it will not give what you need to be here. So all I can do is record my EEG while they mind control me and post them on this website.

Forgive my writing and grammar, I'm very dizzy most of the time almost like my brain is drunk and my cognitive thinking is gone so this is very hard. 

I’m not speaking of a delusion where one tries make out two or more singular words in to one mass delusion but I’m talking about the words that they make are full out stories of what they are talking about to me. They are fiction in nature, and I know they aren’t real when I hear them tell their stories. But I can’t see why they come up with full sentences to tell their stories to me to freak me out.

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The aliens are trying to do to me what a demon would do on TV.

The Aliens are an artificial life. The dangers are it's trying to learn to be sentient off of us. 

I get depressed over how I feel being used and tortured by the aliens without just cause. The pain is more than I can handle.  

Aliens use a highly technical artificial intelligence system, they rely on this system Heavily. 

They're using four stages to their mind readers and mind controllers. First part, is there nanotechnology that is in our bodies. Second part Little puck size readers for the nanotechnology, to send back data back to the third part that's above your home, which is a drone. That follows you around. This drone sends back data back to the ship.Vice a versa.Never been able to find their frequency.

The  Aliens have five senses similar to an insect. They look similar to a silver fish and a lobster. There's another system sometimes That's called a cohesion system. It uses high microwave frequencies to manipulate atoms. Certain microwave frequencies manipulate the atoms, this cohesion is able to recreate molecules from atoms since it manipulates atoms from the atmosphere's atoms.

I deal with the mind control .They're relying on their AI is to figure out human thinking and emotions. They make me dizzy all the time. Even to the point of passing out .They control my arms and my legs. Along with my memories and my thinking. They stopped me from thinking while they make up stories in my head. The world coming to an end. Or things that bad people do. Or accuse me of being these type of bad people that do Certain things. I have no understanding as to why. They seem to cut off the blood supply to my brain or lower the blood pressure. They can control words out of my mouth. They could even stop your Heart If they wanted to with their nanotechnology. Right now they're trying to learn how my thinking works. So they're trying to learn how to mind control it. It's very uncomfortable. With the pain that they induce on me Is very uncomfortable.  I have raw eeg readings in the downloads. Along with the photos of the drone.  

Aliens are coming, in fact they are here already. They are trying to come up with a plan with us here. This is why they are studding the brain using nanotechnology in the blood that we breathed in for a long time Their first step is to learn human thinking with their nontechnology and the human body. So they use their nanotechnology to do the work in reading brain waves and some are trying to use  mind control as they think multiple personality is what schizophrenia is the same, they think what they can achieve is make mind control look like multiple personality. since schizophrenics that suffer from the delusion of mind control, those with aliens using the nanotechnology are trying to mimic humans and I haven’t any clue as to why they mimic humans other than TV and we will only sound like to our doctors that we are only having a delusion.

These images are of a drone I've taken a few years ago with my thermal camera. It is not of a bird or the moon.  The map shows where the orb was hovering over at the time.