See a man that deals with alien mind control in his life..

I deal with alien mind control.

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For your VLC player you could enter this URL in ( rtsp:// ) under Media and Open Network Stream then enter the URL under Network then hit play. Then simply enter in the provided User Name and Password. You can download VLC player for windows here VLC Download or for Android VLC Android. In VLC Android you will need to click on (More) on the far right bottom then hit (+ New stream) then type in rtsp:// ..

PS they are threatening to kill me and my mother for writing this. 6/28/2021

What I deal with when aliens talk to me. They do a very painful sensation on my head a lot of times and while doing so it feels like my brain is being electrocuted and my brain starts stuttering, usually my thinking is most effected. My brain would stop recollecting along with my thoughts. When they talk into my mind it gets even worse. When they start talking over my thoughts mine stop while feeling theirs highly amplified that it hurts my thought processes. The thought processes is very intense with feelings that I haven't felt before and is very disrupted and while they produce these thoughts over mine and it can be very painful in the most strangest ways that's hard to describe. It has these feelings that correspond along with their thoughts seems to disrupted my brain, even more that I could almost say it feels like rabies pain in the brain at times along with a very odd anger that I can't control. Other times it's more milder while they are just talking to me, “by bringing this up it could change after this to something differently from now. I feel my brain is getting damaged by this as I can feel my whole-brain change and I'm losing my combativeness thinking in parts of my brain while it feels like it getting stunned all the time. Even my memory's are fading faster these days as I'm having trouble with my words. My recollecting of my words have been harder as days go by fast I'm even having trouble recalling if I heard a word or not before or recalling definitions of words I know I heard before. My recalling of things in my past is getting harder to recall also with allot of details missing, like when I use too know what I was doing with friends in the past most memory's of the details are mostly gone now along with most of my family's from over the years. I'm having problems recalling day to day now even thou the days are rather boring even lose most my memory's of the past day. I can't even recall what I had for breakfast and dinner that day. Even forget what I'm doing or has gone on during my current day even what I just had eaten like a few hours earlier. Even while I am writing this I'm forgetting what I'm typing and have to reread my last line while I pause for a few moments or when I just finished what I just typed, taking me forever to produce this. My spelling has gotten so bad now it's harder to spell the words that I once knew. My cognition in places is getting worse I'm having much trouble doing very simple math in my head like with single digits and I feel other parts of cognitive thinking failing also and it's becoming much harder to judge things and they all been getting worse fast. I feel like i'm getting Alzheimer's and i'm just 49. My reading cognition is seriously getting very bad do to forgetting what I just read. I'm not sure how long this will go on as it's been going on for the last 6 years with these problems and been milder since the last two years. I've gone and seen doctors for all these years and they couldn't find anything with the CT and MRI scans and the last CT scan was done . Mainly all done at the Lompoc Valley Hospital in Lompoc California and Comunity Health Center in Lompoc. Also Santa Barbra County Mental Health in Lompoc I'm using the old name will have other health records also.

I have been dealing with aliens tormenting me and trying to mind control me. I placed a camera in my room to allow others to watch me from the web. I'm doing this in hope that these aliens will leave me alone because they can't mind control me without someone watching me being hurt and controlled.

These are some photos Ive taken with a thermal attachment to my Ipod. There was a object stationary above the roof top of my building.

Alien Orbs moving around in my room.

Alien orbs flying around in my room in a still air room. They move in straight lines like they are being shot threw the air. Check out 3:46 in the video watch for the orb that what looks like is casting a light onto the wall.

This is a high positive Ion reading I get all the time even to the point it maxes out my meter, even when I'm running a negative Ion generator in my room. The Ion generator I use is the Envion Ionic Pro Air Purifier TA740 negative Ion generator.

my name is Mark Carl Jacobs I live in Lompoc at 3986 mesa circle drive. Lompoc Ca